Uriel Natero

Uriel Natero BIO

Composer, Piano Player, Producer, Studio Recording, Music Director.

On 2018, Starting a Tour in Argentina, Taconeando #1 Historical Tango Venue, and Palacio Barolo, and Palacio Balcace.

On 2011 finished composing the original music for Centennial Photo montages collaborated on the project with Wil Shriner, Will Shriner Productions, the Broward County Film Society, Inc,
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival & The City of Fort Lauderdale
Centennial Photo montages
Teaching Local History Through Photographs
As part of the exciting Centennial Celebration, the City created a unique photo montage that tells the history of Fort Lauderdale through images.

The photo montage is a public education project that uses visual media to project historic images on blank exterior walls of buildings throughout the City. The stunning, larger-than-life images used in the show are a collection of diverse pictures from the archives of the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society, Old Dillard Museum and personal photos submitted by local residents.

There are eight different, five-minute segments that include historic images from each City Commission District and photos that tie into playful themes, such as “Tropical Wonderland” and “Playground of the Stars.”

Shows & Events (1979- 2016):

  • ARGENTINA:Teatro de la Cova, Jazz & Pop, Dove, etc. (Buenos Aires)
  • SWITZERLAND: Palace of Gstaad (Gstaad), Zermatterhof Hotel (Zermatt), Dauphin (Neuchatel).
  • SWEDEN: Strand Hotel (Stockolm,

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  • Piano solo perfomance

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