Susan Buzzi

As a photo documentarian, I consider myself a social barometer – always gaging the current climate around me and taking responsibility for effective delivery. My photo documentary work has involved extremely sensitive material such as breast cancer and homelessness; and most recently, it has addressed domestic violence, addiction and human trafficking, so educating the public and raising awareness is paramount. These projects deliver fact and truth; re-imagine the system, and offer practical solutions and valuable strategies for progress and change.

Aside from the COVID-19 global lockdown, the past 5 years or so have been particularly difficult for me personally. Firstly, I am female, with English not being my first language; of mixed cultures and family background; a former law enforcement officer, and now over the age of 55 (considered a senior citizen).
I stopped working for about 3 years to care for my mother and when she passed, I was finally able to secure part time work which fortunately prevented me from losing my home. Then, within a year, the unexpected Pandemic hit that led to a lay-off. I did not receive any unemployment benefits until almost 7 months later; again, creating financial panic. Luckily, I was able to find part time work shortly before the holidays that now has transitioned into a fulltime position. Not necessarily in my field; however, I am surviving. Faith, family and art is in my blood. Throughout the years and all of my careers, my passion has alway ... view more »

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