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Stephanie Leyden

Stephanie Leyden (Art Attack) Mass District Member Owner/Operator of gallery + artistic services (live painting, murals, commissions) Co-founder of MASS District also created MASS (Music & Arts South of Sunrise) acronym.

Art Attack has been not only a home for my original artwork, but a haven for all types of local artists to come for services, exposure, ideas, and shows. “My artwork is almost always acrylic paintings on wood and canvas, although I have painted on quite a few surfaces, including anything from vinyl records, cabinet doors, and walls! My subject matter varies quite a bit, though I always have an impressionistic feel to my paintings. I work in a wide variety of color as well, from black and white to neon rainbow and everything in between. My work is not just about the color, or the surface it’s painted on, it’s about an incredible moment in time; a moment that happens only once, for a fleeting moment, with energy and emotion that cannot be described, only visually and artistically captured.”



  • "Don't Ever Stop"

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