Robyn Vegas

Robyn Vegas was born south of New Orleans into a strongly knit Cajun French family of artists. Growing up she fondly remembers spending weekends in the French Quarter where she was mesmerized by the local street artists, performers and Jazz musicians. It was a unique blend of the local cultures that gave her a deep appreciation for the varied customs, back grounds and ethnicities she was surrounded by. It’s no surprise that she choose art as her profession, first as an art teacher and later in arts administration. She currently is the Program Coordinator for Business for the Arts of Broward, a non-profit organization that brings business leaders together to advocate for our arts and culture. Her philosophy on art is one that ensures that she does something not just for herself, but for others. Vegas describes herself as a “creator.” She works with paper, color pencil, ink, graphite, oil paint, collage and mixed media. Robyn Vegas’ current work explores the theme of historical perceptions of women, celebrating their strength and inner beauty. I want to awaken an appreciation for the spiritual qualities manifested through my paintings and sculptures. “If my work touches someone else, then I am rewarded because it is meant to inspire the viewer. This goal pushes me to grow with my creativity and skill. I want people to stop and appreciate that beauty is all around them,” said Vegas.

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