Lori Pratico

Girl Noticed is a Nationwide Mural Project, building and maintaining a world better informed about the positive impact the simple act of “Noticing” a girl has. Girl Noticed makes the bold statement that it is a community’s responsibility to yield to the greatness in every girl. The aim of this program is to bring attention and awareness to the important role females play in our society. It all starts with local communities nominating girls and women as candidates to be
“Noticed” for their talent, intelligence, and character. Nominations cover a wide spectrum, ranging from personal struggles to momentous achievements. An individual is then selected from the list of candidates and recognized in a unique and compelling way. The girl’s image is drawn in charcoal, along with the words “Notice Me,” on a large exterior wall. The brief lifespan of these charcoal images are at the mercy of weather conditions and time. It becomes clear that the temporary mural has a permanent message. A different medium, paint, may also be used in some of the murals, and over time, these will be erased or replaced as well. For a girl unnoticed, being recognized like this is a powerful declaration on many levels. The larger objective of communicating the message behind the message is that there is a very limited window of time to “Notice” the mural, the girl and what she values most in herself. By design, this rapidly disappearing message creates a sense of urgency in a local communi

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