Haydee Rancel

I am a Cuban born and Florida raised, self taught mixed media and mosaic artist. I am passionate about the creative arts and like expressing myself through different mediums.

I’ve always been passionate about the arts and creating. I feel that my art is energy in (E)motion expressed through various forms. Mainly I paint with acrylics and work with glass making mosaics. I also appreciate texture and love using bold and vibrant colors!

Aesthetically I’m drawn to clean and sharp lines and designs with geometric shapes and use any and all mediums available to me. Sometimes I incorporate other materials like mirrors, gold leaf, kraft paper or other natural objects with my pieces. I love repurposing things to give them a new life!

There is so much in this world that creatively and artistically inspires me! I’m a huge nature lover so I can say a lot of my inspiration comes from just admiring God’s own artwork but most of the time it happens intuitively and spontaneously. I’ve always been a dreamer and can appreciate the beauty in the most ordinary things.

Normally my work ends up transforming through the process on it’s own and I just enjoy the ride while creating each piece. It’s a balanced combination of spontaneous creativity and intuitive feeling!

I would say my artwork reflects my own life journey through self-discovery and spirituality, mostly creating by personal experience. Commissions and custom orders are always welcomed!

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