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Brooke Trace

Brooke Trace

Brooke Trace is a photographer best known for her nature landscape images.

She first took up photography as a hobby when she was a child.  Her mother gave her a point and shoot camera to take photographs of her cats and dogs. She took photographs with five to six Newfoundland dogs. She posed them with sunglasses, hats and bandanas. Her interests in photography lead to her taking courses in junior high school and high school. She built her own pin-hole cameras. She developed film and prints in the darkroom. Attending college she majored in business and minored in photography.  She particularly liked black and white high speed film thus she could shoot photographs at night and low light situations creating very artsy images.

Digital photography was a new medium in photography.  She is self taught in the digital medium.  The post shooting, editing and printing process was an evolution in the process. Once she mastered that she began to use settings when shooting to create her own style.  Finishing the process of creating her style is done through editing the images once downloaded from the camera.

Through shooting photographs at the break of day she has created an extensive collection of surreal, beautifully inviting seascape images. She has two different printing mediums that she uses to create two completely different looks with her work.  She has them printed on canvas creating a traditional look of a painting. The other method is a very modern look. She has them printe

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