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Coral Springs Museum of Art

Coral Springs Museum of Art


The Coral Springs Museum of Art offers dynamic exhibitions, stimulating specialty programs, inspired events and exceptional art education, including preschool, youth, teen and adult art classes for all interests and skill levels. CSMoA presents cutting-edge and engaging exhibitions, artist talks, and a variety of in-person events, such as our monthly MIX & Mingle and ARTventures programming.

Currently on view at CSMoA is Color + Light + Space. Inspired by the science and art of color, contemporary artists Claudio Marcotulli, Devora Perez, Haiiileen and Renee Phillips, set out to disrupt how we as humans perceive and interact with our environment. In doing so, the Museum will be transformed into an interactive optical and sensory environment, where the artwork encourages the viewer to become a participant in the installations, rather than just an observer. The exhibition will be on view at the Coral Springs Museum of Art from August 30 through October 16, 2021.



Monday | Friday | Saturday: 9am – 5:30pm

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday: 9am – 8:30pm

Sunday: CLOSED

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About Coral Springs Museum of Art

What began late in 1996 as a City project to build a comprehensive recreation and community center, soon turned into The Coral Springs Center for the Arts – a performance theater and art museum. Housed in the impressive 30,000 square foot center for the arts building is the equally impressive Coral Springs Museum of Art which was in

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  • Color + Light + Space, Coral Springs Museum of Art (2021).

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  1. I'm an artist, sculptor/ art instructor, looking for a space where to offer an sculpture workshop. I used to teach at the museum and loved the place and the ceramic studio, i'd love to opportunity of teaching my modeling the figure on that amazing space.
    How should I do to proper present a proposal to do it?
    Thank you


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