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Haunted Mirror Forest by Christopher Ian MacFarlane

A mural by Christopher Ian MacFarlane located in the FATVillage™ Arts District, part of Fort Lauderdale’s downtown historic warehouse district.

Bizarre cartoons are the specialty of Christopher Ian MacFarlane, a self-taught 30-something who works with vibrant color palettes in a rare, playful way. Influenced by Looney Tunes cartoons and cubism a la Picasso, MacFarlane’s murals are full of characters who look like they’ve gone mad, like a wolf riding a trash-can rocket, or a lady with a schoolmarmish hair bun and dress but a grotesque face.

His work has been commissioned all over town at sites including Young at Art Museum, FATVillage, Respectable Street, and Broward College. In addition to his 2-D work, he’s been experimenting with movable robot sculptures, like an “animatronic raccoon” and a “spaghetti mutant” with light-up devil eyes.



Category: Mural
Collection: FATVillage™

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Christopher Ian McFarlane
Christopher Ian McFarlane


508 NW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301

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