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Kini - Mural at 521

A mural located in the FATVillage™ Arts District, part of Fort Lauderdale’s downtown historic warehouse district.

Born in Boston Massachusetts, Paul is the son of two Haitian parents. He currently resides in South Florida where he was raised, and continues to make efforts towards his artistic endeavors. Aside from being inspired by the beauty of nature and the events in his life, Paul’s first source of inspiration was his mother Paulette, who avidly painted while Paul was a child. He would transition from drawing his favorite cartoons to drawing more prominent figures in his life like his friends, family, and respected celebrities. After he graduated highschool in 2013 he felt the calling to treat his art more sensitively, and decided not only to exist as an artist, but to thrive as one. At this time Paul would begin creating under the moniker “P.Firmy”(would later change to KINI).

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In today’s world, much of our reality is interpreted and reduced to two elements; color and shape. In my experience these are the most defining characteristics that help influence how we move and feel here on earth. 

I want to communicate differently and emphasize these elements in a way that could reach the viewer on a spiritual level through bright, lively, colour palettes and organic, “flowy”  aesthetics. I incorporate this flow mindset throughout my entire creative process and I want to continue to use these elements as tools to further engage in a unive

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Category: Mural
Collection: FATVillage™

Date created: 2021

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109 NW 5th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301

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