Femme Fatale - Mural on NW 5th

Marcus Borges AKA GRABSTER is a graffiti artist, muralist, and abstract artist with a bold take on color and movement.

Born in Brazil, raised in New York, and developed in South Florida, Grabster pulls inspiration from decades of independent study and his eclectic upbringing to create colorful, dynamic, and skillful works. His technical expertise is a facet of his work, evident in his geometric and precise designs built to any scale.

Grabster was a featured artist at the 2020 Salvador Dali exhibit, The Real Surreal, and has collaborated with large organizations like Hilton Hotels, Mountain Dew, and Redbull to create murals, branded installations, and art aimed at community engagement.

Recognized for his retro-futuristic elements, abstract geometry, and tropical color schemes, Grabster’s work can be found worldwide and across South Florida, where he’s been an established member of the street art community for over 15 years.




Category: Mural
Collection: FATVillage™

Date created: 2021

Associated artists

Jackie Danger
Jackie Danger


109 NW 5th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301