Surge bear on NW 1st

Sergio Quinonez aka SURGE, born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami, Postgraffisim artist, Surge, has taken his bold, unmistakable style straight from his sketchbooks to the sun-stained streets of South Florida and beyond.

Surge’s love for cartoons and brilliant colors, along with a passion for hip hop culture, has shaped his artistic identity and resulted in work that can now been seen everywhere from walls in Miami’s legendary Wynwood Arts District to live painting performances during some of the area’s most high-profile events.  His vibrant illustrations feature anthropomorphized characters that are both brash and inviting.  

Surge has worked with Brands like NIKE, Jameson Whiskey, the NBA, the Miami Dolphins, Microsoft, Bloomingdales and Bud Light to name a few.  It is the ability to be daring and free with his art that is ultimately closest to Surge’s heart. 




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510 NW 1st St, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301

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