Art By Kiria

Art By Kiria

Visual Art


 Pembroke Pines, FL

Kay Kiria Painter – Poet

“I Paint to tell a story. I write to paint imagery. Bringing the unseen and unspoken to a heartfelt surface drives my passion to paint and write. Drawing our attention away from the physical into the spiritual heart and light inspires the devotion behind my work. My paintings and poems are a poured offering built from within. Oil, acrylic, mixed media, tools and my penned poems in journals are the creative instruments I use to orchestrate works of imagination, closeness, honesty and hope.” ~ Kay Kiria

Miami, Florida born, Kay Kiria is a lifelong artist and poet. Kiria has been on the South Florida cultural scene since 1997, exhibiting in galleries and exhibitions from the Keys to Boca Raton. Her work resides in private collections internationally. She has appeared in the press consistently throughout her career as artist, teacher and involvement in community art projects. Kiria and her paintings have been featured in local and online media magazines, interviewed by VoyageMIA online Magazine and in social media by television program, PBS’ Art Loft FL. Her work has also gained national and international exposure appearing on the front cover of the ‘Short Stories’ guitar instrumental album by her husband, renowned musician Peter Betan.

Kiria’s focus on sacred themes unites her art and poetry in unexpected ways. Abstract surreal expressionism collides with traditional form to create an unexpected harmony between painting and poetry which can be seen in the evolution of her faith-based artistic and poetic works, especially where art inspires poetry, which begets more art. Kiria elevates the symbiotic relationship between word and brushstroke by not only allowing the cyclical creative process to flow where one gives life to and enhances the other but also by incorporating her personal writing into a separate poetry painting series. Oil, acrylic and mixed media mediums on canvas, wood panel and her penned poems in journals are the creative instruments used for her harmonious works.

Art and poetry have always coexisted for live painter Kiria whose credits include being house artist for Streets of Mayfair in Coconut Grove and Cafe Tu Tu Tango at their Coconut Grove and Aventura locations, various events, exhibitions and Weston Art Guild’s Pop-Up gallery. As a member, she is a regular contributor of poetry for the Weston Art Guild’s online newsletter.

Kiria has been a participant in poetry readings locally and in New York City and is a member of the South Florida Writer’s Association. As a poet, she has been called upon for readings of her inspirational works for celebrations of pivotal life events. 

The artist extends a warm invitation into her ‘Brush and Pen’ explorations and a behind the scenes look into her work through her quarterly newsletter and welcomes opportunities for commissions, demonstrations, group and private workshops as well as live painting for both public and private events. For more information email Kay at or visit