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Nkachika aka Lanecia Radcliff started her journey of studying West African Dance and Drum at Michigan State University as a Freshman. This first introduction to African dance sparked a fire and passion within her that continues to this day. Nkachika continued her studies of Pan African cultural dance at Wayne State University from 1992 to 1995. Nkachika also studied with local African dance performing groups in the local Detroit area. Nkachika also studied the Katherine Dunham technique. Nkachika earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Dance in 1995. Nkachika started performing for local community centers in the Detroit area around 1997 to 1998. Nkachika then moved to the Atlanta area and started taking classes with Samba Diallo. During this time she worked with Samba and performed in the Atlanta area and learned more about Ivory Coast dance and rhythm. Nkachika then moved to Florida in 2000 and continued her studies of West African Dance and Drum. Nkachika studied under Keba Cissoko, who unfortunately passed away in 2004. Nkachika studied under various West African Dance masters who are respected in their community. Masters such as Yousouff Koumbassa, Marie Basse, and Mouminata.  Nkachika performed throughout South Florida and was featured in the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald. Nkachika performed for colleges, private parties, and various elementary, middle and high schools in South Florida. While learning and perfecting her craft she also taught children and adults and created choreography and bodies of work based on her experience. Nkachika created a dance instructional video in 2006 as well as other videos over the years. Nkachika has also studied and performed on the traditional drum called the Djun Djun and continues to study this art form.  Nkachika recently performed at the 2017 Woman’s March in Miami with a collection of other drummers and dancers who are in the West African dance and drum community. Nkachika is also a certified AFAA fitness instructor and incorporates her African dance and cultural movements in her fitness classes. Nkachika continues to perform, and teach in the South Florida area and she is still on her journey of lifelong learning of West African Dance and Drum.