Integrative Painting Workshops

Integrative Painting Workshops

Classes - Visual Art



 1310 SW 2nd Ct, #305, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

What can I expect from the workshop?

  • Through a series of guided meditations and breathing exercises, you will be lead to reach a state of surrender.

  • Once prepared you will be ready to paint from your heart and soul – and not your mind.

  • Later, we will reflect on the paintings and interpret their deeper meanings…

Who will benefit from the workshop?

  • Non-artists who would like to explore their creativity

  • Anyone stressed or overactive

  • Artists with creative blocks

  • Left brain and analytical personalities

  • Anyone desperately in need of “Me” time

  • Anyone who wants to learn to rely more on their Intuition

  • Anyone experiencing inner conflicts or feeling stuck

What is the purpose of the workshop?

  • To leave your left brain at home

  • To surrender your stress to the process

  • To experience getting out of your own way

  • To conquer the fear of a blank canvas and explore the power of colors

  • To bring your feelings and intuition to the act of creation

  • To ¬†practice turning inward and tuning into the guidance of your divine self

  • To unleash and express your inner wisdom and creativity and discover what it is trying to tell you through your painting

  • To gain clarity about yourself and the journey you are on

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

  • Please bring your own bag lunch.

  • Light refreshments & art supplies will be provided.