Empowered Results: The Blog

Empowered Results: The Blog

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What is there really to say about me except that I am a fun-loving, ‘crazy’, optimistic, out-spoken person who is the mother of three, sister, daughter, and grandmother of the cutest boy in the world!!!! I come from a multicultural family rooted in both German and Caribbean backgrounds. I love animals and have a few pets.

Am I without flaws….of course not!!! Even though some people think I am capable of handling everything that comes my way in life, like some sort of ‘super woman’…I am human. I try to be reliable and would like very much to help anyone I can when I hear about the concerns shared with me. It’s nice to know that people have confidence in me.

My closest family members and friends know that I am willing to try most things once. If I like it a lot, I will definitely ‘yah yah’ about it after some research on it. The most rewarding part is when you find a person who knows more about the subject and a conversation/debate comes from it. Then, I get to learn more on that subject to share with anyone who will listen!!!

I am sometimes known as ‘the Walking 411′. People ask me all kinds of things or share much interesting info. If my thirst is not quenched, I will try to find out more on the topic, especially the ones that really perk my interest. Hence, one of the reasons why I started this blog….to share news, products and experiences I come across as often as possible!

So, to sum this all up, I am a curious person who believes knowledge is empowering and should always be shared with others!

Best regards,

Yours truly!