Dec 29 2021
Jan 29 2022
Hunt Slonem: New Directions

Hunt Slonem: New Directions

Presented by Rosenbaum Contemporary at Rosenbaum Contemporary

Hunt Slonem: New Directions features new works by artist Hunt Slonem, who is best known for his neo-expressionist paintings of rabbits, butterflies and birds. The exhibition includes blown-glass and bronze bunny sculptures, bunny wall sculptures and glowboxes as well as bunny and butterfly paintings in bright, new colors.

The blown glass and bronze sculptures and glowboxes are new mediums for Slonem and mark a new phase of growth for the artist whose career has spanned nearly five decades. Produced at his West Coast studio in Seattle, Wash., the blown glass sculptures are a natural expansion of Slonem’s artistic vocabulary. Directing his team of artistic glassblowers in the formation of new works with the same quick, gestural dance as his paint brush marks on canvas, Slonem has evolved his famous bunnies into the dynamic medium of glass. Each unique work’s hand-formed composition reflects his engagement with the materials. He worked with his Seattle team to create the bronze sculptures and glowboxes as well.

Slonem has exhibited new directions in his paintings as well, painting bunnies and butterflies against solid backgrounds in bold colors.

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Free Admission

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2021/12/29 - 2022/01/29

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Rosenbaum Contemporary

150 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431