Nov 06 - 20 2021
Two Days of FLiFF -- ALL FILMS

Two Days of FLiFF -- ALL FILMS

Presented by City of Pompano Beach at Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Celebrating its 36th annual festival in 2021, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) presents American indies and studio films, international films, student films, special tributes, seminars and introduces filmmakers to South Florida audiences. The festival runs November 5 – 21, 2021, and screens 200 films in Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Hollywood, St. Augustine and The Bahamas. Considered one of the most important regional film festivals in the U.S., the Festival's commitment to first-time filmmakers and innovative programming make it the perfect test market for filmmakers.

Pompano Beach Arts is proud to present a portion of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLiFF) at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center.

November 6 l 12:00 pm l FREE
A Day of FLiFF featuring AMERICANISH
12:00 pm Film Screening l Q&A with Guests Iman Zawahry, Roy Wol, Aizzah Fatima
Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Join us as we screen the American Indie, comedy, feature film, Americanish. A Q&A with the director, cast and crew members will take place prior to the film. Synopsis: In Jackson Heights, Queens, two sisters and their fresh off the boat cousin try all the conventional ways to earn the love and respect of the matriarch of their family only to learn that life works out in the most unconventional ways.

Comedy / USA / 91 min / English / Director: Iman Zawahry / Writers: Aizzah Fatima, Iman Zawahry / Cast: Aizzah Fatima, Salena Qureshi, Shenaz Treasurey, Lilette Dubey

November 6 l 2:00 pm l FREE
A Day of FLiFF featuring WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES (a compilation of shorts)
2:00 pm Film Screening l 3:30 pm Q&A with Guests
Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Join us as we screen a collection of seven short films depicting lives of people of color. A Q&A with our guests will take place immediately after the film. List of film shorts:

Los Pantines
Director: Loren Escandon
USA / 8 min / English

Forced to be a servant to a white woman, an Afro-Colombian orphaned girl dreams of freedom, a normal childhood, and a pair of roller-skates.

Fireburn The Documentary
Director: Joel Fendelman
USA / 20 min / English

Although the Fireburn took place in the 1800s, on a Caribbean Island, it is relevant today. The film addresses the heart of humanity and shows us what happens when people are robbed of their inalienable rights.

The Conversation Remix: For Our Girls, A Conversation with Black Women
Director: Michèle Stephenson & Imani Dennison
USA / 10 min / English

For Our Girls is a love letter to Black daughters -- acknowledging the sacred, and at times, tense relationship mothers and daughters share as they face challenges and accept each other’s flaws.

Wade in The Water: Drowning In Racism 2021
Director: Cathleen Dean
USA / 15 min / English

From seaweed to lost beach balls, sun-seekers bump into all sorts of surprises swimming along Florida’s iconic beaches. For black swimmers however, there’s a complex history floating off Florida’s blue waters—one of segregation and violence, but also one of protest and resistance.

Rest Area

Director: Rhythum
USA / 15 min / English

A family of four on their way to a family reunion, stop at a rest area. An unfortunate event will change their lives forever.

The Farmer & The Lightning Storm
Director: Danielle Browne
USA / 5 min / English

Burdened by frustration and fear, the Goddess of Lightning cannot find meaning in what she does and suppresses her abilities. Can a nearby Farmer help Lightning regain confidence in her powers, and by extension, in herself?

He Wants to Know My Number
Director: Sakinah Iman
USA / 4 min / English

Science has proven that women actually need to have [TWICE AS MUCH] sex as men.” Yet in 2021, there is still this huge double standard on male and female sexuality.

November 20 l 12:00 pm l FREE
A Day of FLiFF featuring French Animated Shorts

November 20 l 2:30 pm l FREE
A Day of FLiFF featuring DREAMER

“Dreamer” tells the true stories of six big dreamers and innovative thinkers who turned their dreams into reality, impacting millions of people along the way. As told through sit-down interviews with a wide range of cast including Lisa Nichols, Peter Diamandis, Jim Kwik, Anousheh Ansari, Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Jessica Cox and Dean Kamen, among others, this film reinvigorates your belief in the human potential and will awaken the gifts of many dreamers that lay dormant—waiting to be discovered.

More than a groundbreaking film, “Dreamer” is a movement that has become a wildfire of inspiration spreading around the globe, awakening dreamers to their potential and supporting them to turn their visions into reality. Despite the naysayers and the voices calling you “crazy” or telling you to “be more realistic,” this film will give any viewer the courage and confidence to put their visions of a bigger and better future into action

November 20 l 5:00 pm Film and 6:15 pm Reception l FREE
A Day of FLiFF featurinTWAS THE NIGHT

Pompano Beach Arts is proud to present a portion of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLiFF) at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center. We continue celebrating the festival with an American Indie, Dark Comedy, TWAS THE NIGHT directed by The Ro Bros starring Nicole Pringle, David Steven Perez, Paul Van Scott, Lisa Panagopoulos, Cynthia D. Perry, James Lee Fronck with Abel Rosario and Samy Zipser.

There will be a reception immediately following the screening where you can meet the cast and directors: Nicole Pringle, David Steven Perez, Paul Van Scott, Lisa Panagopoulos, James Lee Fronck, Abel Rosario, and Samy Zipser and The Ro Brothers.

A newly-engaged couple attempts to host the perfect Christmas Eve dinner for their soon-to-be in-laws, but finds it difficult to do while hiding a body in their house.

November 20 l 7:30 pm l FREE
A Day of FLiFF featuring VASY'S ODYSSEY

Two lives, two different worlds and two unalike places. Vasi and Alexandra, two strangers, travel from Alicante to Greece, through France, Italy and Albania, on a trip where they will learn to face their mistakes and delve into their personal and family relationships. A journey through gastronomy, folklore, old traditions and the difficulty of communication between foreign languages. A search for happiness, dreams and hope.

Admission Info

Although this is a free event, tickets are required because space is limited.  Tickets are available online at the links below.

November 6

12pm Americanish

2pm Walk a Mile in My Shoes

November 20

12pm French Animated Films

2:30 pm Dreamer

5pm Twas the Night

7:30pm Vasy's Odyssey

Dates & Times

2021/11/06 - 2021/11/20

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Due to the COVID numbers, masks are required inside the Pompano Beach Cultural Center.

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Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Pompano Beach, FL 33060