Jun 13 2020
Aug 29 2020
Exhibition - Karen Rifas 20/20

Exhibition - Karen Rifas 20/20

Presented by Emerson Dorsch at Emerson Dorsch

Emerson Dorsch Gallery is proud to present Karen Rifas: 20/20, an exhibition of painting and sculpture. A series of increasingly dynamic abstract geometric paintings and sculptures in which seemingly simple elements coalesce and illusionistic effects – mirages – become facts.

Rifas constantly recalibrates ways to convey form in space and as new, imaginary spaces. In this show, she emphasizes the importance of the physical experience of her art. Depending on where one stands, a painting conveys a receding row of boards, or a collection of parallelograms, trapezoids, and triangles in alternating bright and dark colors on one side and alternating closely related colors on the other. The paintings in 20/20 yield surprises in each vantage point; their color recedes form or pops it, depending on the vantage point. No one point of view reveals everything about one of her paintings. Rifas’ current style, hard-edged geometric abstraction, was born in Miami, where multiple examples of the style from Latin America, North America, and Europe have a strong presence in the city’s public and private collections, galleries, and museums. Cousins of the style, in the form of modernist architecture, can be found throughout the city, including the artist’s house and studio. Rifas’s practice has taken them in and plays with variations, changing patterns, and elements slightly to explore the possibilities.

Admission Info

20/20 will be on view from June 13th through August 29th. The gallery will be open by appointment via a booking tool available on our website. Appointments will be limited to one family or friend unit at a time and will be in 30-minute blocks, so groups will not overlap. We will wipe down and freshen the space in between every visit. We hope to be able to celebrate Karen Rifas and her incredible show with a closing reception. Visiting the gallery is free.

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Dates & Times

2020/06/13 - 2020/08/29

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Please schedule your visit by visiting the link below. Emerson Dorsch is currently accepting appointments to keep our visitors safe. Everyone must wear a mask to enter the gallery. 

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Emerson Dorsch

5900 NW 2nd AVE, Miami, FL 33127

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