Sep 14 2019


Presented by City of Dania Beach at ATRIUM GALLERY OF DANIA BEACH

Art in the Hall is a monthly fine art Exhibit held the 2nd Saturday each month, inside the Dania Beach City Hall from 5:00-8:30PM. This Art Gallery event is held in concert with the Dania After Dark Street festival which runs from 5:00PM – 10:00PM.
Art in the Hall Atrium Gallery exhibitions consist of 4-6 Artists, musical entertainment, and sometimes a dance performance. We hold a formal reception for the Primary Artists every other month in conjunction with this event from 5:00-7:00PM.

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2019/09/14 - 2019/09/14

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Sept. 14, 2019 Art in the Hall Artists/Entertainer(s)

Christine Rosasco: "Creating Jewelry is a way of self-expression. I have always felt that jewelry is meant to be worn to enhance the natural beauty of the person wearing it. Working with the crystals and butterfly wings has really brought an appreciation for Mother Nature’s natural beauty. Combining the two creates a beautiful symmetry. All the crystals have been carefully selected based on natural color (no color enhancements or dyes) and cut for added luster and vibrance. My hope is when you wear a piece of my jewelry that you are reminded that we are all created from this same beauty and to appreciate this beauty inside of each of us and all around us."

Maranesi: "I'm a Swiss Artist, originally from Lugano. I been painting and sculpting since I was very young.
I had my work exhibited at Miami Art Basel 2012 and at Scope Miami 2015
My style varies from painting to painting. I really don’t find enjoyment in painting the same style repeatedly. I work with whatever mood or feelings I have at that moment, which brings a different result every time. I love to experiment with different materials and techniques. For the most part I don’t really go back to any specific style again. I love using primary colors, they are the most vibrant of all colors, they vibrate on a positive level. I have done my job as an artist if my work brings happiness and warmth to your life". - Maranesi

Father and daughter talented team..
Grigoriy Zekhtser
"Grigoriy escaped from the Soviet regime and came to the United States at the end of the 20th century seeking asylum. His love, passion, and inspiration for art stem from his daughter's paintings. His art exhibits abstract themes using vibrant colors. Specialized paint techniques include resin and acrylic. "
And joining her father..
Alina Zekhster"Art is my passion. I enjoy painting, exploring different techniques, and new
mediums to convey my art. My work features the use of diverse styles from using watercolors and acrylics to silk and oil painting. I enjoy fashion Illustrations and specialize in abstract paintings. The use of oil in my paintings exhibits character The use of oil in my paintings exhibits character, strength, and resiliency while a silk medium conveys the importance of delicacy and luster.", strength and resiliency, while a silk medium conveys the importance of delicacy and luster.

Itzel Picota Wiley is from Panama City, Panama
She finished her undergrad in Apparel management and Fashion Merchandising
At Florida International University, in Miami, Florida. Itzel continued studies at the
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale studying Residential Design and Interior Design where she won award for best portfolio and for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Classroom Endeavors and Creative Performance .She then studied abroad at
( Libera Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Roma. Studying Design and Painting.

Itzel has been painting for about 15 years
Her medium is acrylics and likes to do realism and Impressionism, sometimes combined in one painting

Her art is landscaping, buildings and views of the places shes been. For Example Venice, Capri, San Giaminiano. Mostly in Italiy.
usually taking her own pictures then painting them... This will be her first time showcasing her work..
Up until this point they are only displayed in her home and enjoyed by many as gifts. We're excited to have her with us next month..

Spoken Word Artist:

Back by popular demand , Christopher Mazzara is a poet who has performed for the last 7 years. His performances tend to be very edgy, speaking on controversial topics but powerful when embraced. Ultimately his performances are from the heart and fueled by passion

Musical Entertainment: Guitarist

Born in New Orleans, La. Bob Folse grew up loving music and was on fire once he got his hands on a guitar at the age of 12.Originally introduced to the guitar thru hymns sung in the Catholic school he attended such as turn turn turn and kumbaya

A maestro of the Spanish guitar with jazz and rhythm in his soul.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Bob Folse is based out of South Florida. Bob Folse is a contemporary guitar instrumentalist who is formally trained in Jazz, Classical,and Flamenco music. He is an international performer, a native of New Orleans and a graduate of Berklee College of Music.

Privately he studied Classical guitar with Elias Barriero from Cuba and has travelled to Spain many times to study with Flamenco masters including Manolo Franco,Paco Serrano,and Gerardo Nunez.

He is an award winning composer and has recorded 4 CD's. Bob has travelled internationally in his studies and his music has touched people around the globe.

He has opened for Ottmar Leibert, Tito Puente,and Acoustic Alchemy.

His performances include popular themes as well as original music and he dazzles his audiences with his fingers of fire!Arrived in Miami in 1998 to explore the scene and ended up staying now over 20 yrs With a lot of this time spent playing in the South Beach Miami Ocean Drive music scene in the late 90's which was a mecca for nouveau flamenco guitarists, Folse developed a passionate and fiery sound inspired by the Gipsy Guitarists and the latin rhythms that were all around him. often after Ocean drive performances at the famous Papparazzi restaurant folse would go down to Calle Ocho in little havana where the Flamenco Tabernas were and were Folse would often sit in with the show of guitarists such as Paco Fonta.For his training, privately, Folse studied classical guitar with Elias Barriero. He has traveled to Spain many times to study with Flamenco masters including Manolo Franco, Paco Serrano and Gerardo Nunez.

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100 W Dania Beach Blvd, Dania, FL 33004

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Free Parking is available on the streets and avenues surrounding City Hall, and inside the City Hall Parking Garage on the 3rd and 4th Floors.

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