May 25 2019
Sep 02 2019
Lost World of Dinosaurs Exhibit at Flamingo Garden...

Lost World of Dinosaurs Exhibit at Flamingo Garden...

at Flamingo Gardens

Travel back millions of years to prehistoric times when dinosaurs ruled the earth as Flamingo Gardens hosts Guy Darrough’s Lost World of Dinosaurs and Robert DePalma’s Echoes of Extinction exhibits simultaneously from May 25 to September 2, 2019.

Discover some of the largest terrestrial creatures that ever lived, nestled among the realistic jungle settings of Flamingo Garden’s botanical gardens. View fully assembled dinosaur skeletons, unearth bones in the Dino Dig, and touch real fossils in the Gallery. This is a journey you won’t want to miss!

Guy Darrough’s Lost World of Dinosaursexhibit features 27 realistic dinosaur replicas staged throughout the natural botanical landscape of the Arboretum. The life-like replicas are painted by renowned paleo artist Shane Foulkes and modeled according to the most recent scientific discoveries. The exhibit includes informational signs about each replica.

Inside the gallery, Robert DePalma’s Echoes of Extinction museum exhibit features original full skeletons of a Nanotyrannus and a juvenile Triceratops, along with the only mounted specimen in the world of an original leg of Dakotaraptor. The exhibit includes rare, original fossils shown for the first time in a public exhibit, raptor and pterosaur fossils and replicas, fossil plants and their modern day counterparts, amber insects and pollen with 3-D printed enlargements, KT boundary asteroid impact specimens from the recently publicized Tanis research study, interactive displays, dinosaur touch bone, and a replica dino dig.

Visitors can join paleontologists for special talks and presentations scheduled on different day throughout the summer. For a full schedule of activities and more information visit

Admission Info

$19.95 ages 12+, $12.95 ages 3-11, members and children 2 or younger free.

Phone: 954-473-2955


Dates & Times

2019/05/25 - 2019/09/02

Additional time info:

Daily 9:30am to 5:00pm. Last Tickets sold at 4:00pm.

Location Info

Flamingo Gardens

3750 South Flamingo Road, Davie, FL