Feb 07 2015


Presented by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry at Snyder Park

100% of proceeds will benefit scientific research on cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Runners will endure a 5K run through a zombie-infested course. Test your speed, endurance, and strength while trying to avoid ravenous zombies!

Runners will have flags that represent their health. Zombies will try to steal those flags. Runners must make it to the finish line with at least one flag or become one of the walking dead!

ZOMBIES: Free professional makeover for all zombies! All of our zombies undergo a free transformation by professional make-up artists to help make them the most realistic-appearing zombies ever!

All participants receive a free 5KRunDead t-shirt, refreshments, and a chance at great prizes!

Event details and schedule
1:00 pm: Volunteers, zombies, and make-up artists arrive on site.
1:15 pm: Zombies begin free transformation by on-site makeup artists.
2:30 pm: Runners arrive and begin checking in.
3:30 pm: Zombies are directed to their locations.
3:50 pm: Runners start to line up.
4:00 pm: The 5KRunDead race begins!
4:45pm: The Recovery (drinks, snacks).
5:00 pm: Awards ceremony.

Admission Info

Varies by Category.
Limited time offer: Use code FORT for 50% off registration (any category)!

Phone: 802-430-7270

Email: info@5KRunDead.com

Dates & Times

2015/02/07 - 2015/02/07

Location Info

Snyder Park

3299 SW 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Accessibility Info