Call to Artists: Port Everglades Road Enhancement

Call to Artists: Port Everglades Road Enhancement

Posted by Broward Cultural Division

Posted: Dec, 16, 2016

Call for Artists


 Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301

In partnership with Port Everglades, Broward Cultural Division’s Public Art & Design Program is seeking to commission one or more artists, or a team of artists, to design and install exterior artwork that enhances existing chain link fences and Jersey Barriers at Port Everglades, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Site Description

Chain link fences and Jersey Barriers are essential safety and security features used throughout Port Everglades. Long runs of fence, averaging seven feet in height, some topped with barbed wire, surround parking lots, cargo storage areas and cruise terminals. Chain link fences are installed along vehicular roadways and canals, and atop concrete road barriers (Jersey Barriers).  Multiple locations are available for the artwork and the focus will be on the most visible and highly trafficked areas throughout the Port. Five or more locations will be available for artwork and shortlisted artists will be invited to tour the site.

Artist Selection

One or more applicants will be shortlisted by the Artist Selection Panel (Panel). Each artist will be invited to tour Port Everglades with the project team and will be assigned a location that includes a fence, or a Jersey Barrier, or a Jersey Barrier topped with a fence, and a budget. The shortlisted artist(s) will have approximately one month to prepare a conceptual design proposal for review by the Panel. Each shortlisted artist or team of artists will be paid an honorarium of $500 for the site visit and to develop the conceptual design proposal.

Shortlisted artists must submit one (1) digital copy (PC compatible media) of their full presentation five (5) business days prior to presentation to the Panel. Shortlisted artists may present their design proposal to the Panel via videoconference. Shortlisted artists’ proposals must include a written narrative, estimated project budget, and visual materials necessary to convey the proposed concept or approach. Proposals, including models/maquettes, become property of Broward County and will not be returned.

Design Parameters

Colors and themes of the artwork may reflect the native animals, plants, or flowers of the Florida Everglades. Multiple artwork locations may function as a cohesive unit or as individual, stand-alone artworks. Materials should be salt and sun tolerant and able to withstand the elements common to areas along roadways and in close proximity to salt water. Artists wishing to paint Jersey Barriers will be required to use a primer and a protective clear coat for protection from ultraviolet rays.  Due to public safety concerns, the artwork will not invite public interaction or present a photo opportunity which requires cars to stop or pedestrians to cross roadways. Florida is subject to high winds and fences are designed to withstand winds of up to 152 miles per hour.  The artwork must be installed in in such a way as to withstand a wind event.

Artists Services

Artists selected for this project will be required to provide the following services:

  • Enter into County’s Commissioned Artwork Agreement (Attached – please read before responding to this Call to Artists)
  • Design development of approved conceptual design ensuring that no Port structures are damaged by installation of the artwork
  • Wind Load assessment of the selected artwork by a Florida licensed structural engineer
  • Obtain permits, as required
  • Installation of the artwork

Art Project Budget

The total budget established for this project will not exceed $25,000 and may be divided between one or more artists or artist teams. The budget must include artist’s design fee, presentation expenses, insurance, permits, engineering as needed, artwork installation, professional conservation review of proposed materials upon request, site visits, coordination meetings, artist’s contingency, and all applicable taxes.

Artist Eligibility

This Call to Artists is open to professional artists eighteen years of age or older, residing in Florida and who have not been previously selected for a Broward County public art commission in the past 10 years.

Application Process

The Broward Cultural Division manages the application process. An Artist Selection Panel (Panel) will review the applications. The Panel includes a member of the Public Art & Design Committee, arts professionals, and an agency and community representative. The Panel reviews the applications and shortlists artists based on the excellence of previous work, as demonstrated by visuals and other submission materials. The Panel will also consider the versatility and appropriateness of the media in which the applicant has demonstrated proficiency, as it relates to the scope of this project.

The County reserves the right to re-issue this Call to Artists, to reject any and all responses to this Call, and to reassess and negotiate the design proposal with any qualified artist selected for this project.