Broward County's $5M Investment in the Arts

The Broward County Cultural Division has been working for the past two years on a complete overhaul of our grantmaking programs to create a better and more streamlined process for the allocation of funding. Government…

The Broward County Cultural Division has been working for the past two years on a complete overhaul of our grantmaking programs to create a better and more streamlined process for the allocation of funding. Government can occasionally get a bad rap for implementing laborious processes designed to ensure accountability and these measures can sometimes have the unintended consequences of creating even more barriers to access.

The Cultural Division invests in these arts organizations for the future of our community.

The Cultural Division’s new grantmaking system is aimed at eliminating barriers and creating a means for more equitable distribution of funding. By consolidating 11 separate grant programs into four targeted programs, we now have a more streamlined means of providing general operations and program support for non-profit organizations and municipalities, and project-based support for individual artists. In 2023, we’ll roll out a new program to provide capital funds for cultural facilities.

“The Board of County Commissioners understands how important the arts are, especially as we make our way through the pandemic. With their support, the Cultural Division has more capacity to grow and support more equitable access to arts and culture in our community.”

Cultural Division Director, Phil Dunlap

Earlier this fall, the County Commission approved the Cultural Division’s annual budget with an increase to its grantmaking capacity, continuing a positive trend of growing investment in the arts. For fiscal year 2022, the Commission approved more than $5 million for cultural grants, representing a $200,000 increase over fiscal year 2021.

The allocation for grants will provide $4.4 million in operating grants to 35 cultural institutions, $367,000 in program support to fund the cultural programming of nearly 50 non-profit organizations and municipalities, and $233,000 to support the projects of Broward-based, individual artists.

Delivered via three cycles each year, the artist support grant recently awarded 17 artists with funding for their upcoming artistic projects, which will each include a free community event. The award is designed to be flexible and accessible to encourage career advancement through creativity, innovation, and sustained commitment to artistic work. View and learn about the newest recipients of Broward Cultural Division’s Artist Support Grant.

“Arts and culture are critical for a healthy economy, and they are a key driver for a successful economic recovery. This funding ensures that our arts and culture sector continues to thrive and provide the public with enriching and enjoyable cultural experiences in Broward.”

Broward County Mayor Steve Geller

In total, the overall investment demonstrates the County’s continued support of Broward’s arts and culture sector and underscores the importance of the sector on the local economy. A recent study conducted by Americans for the Arts calculated the economic impact of the non-profit arts and cultural industry in Broward at more than $400 million dollars each year, supporting more than 11,000 jobs and generating more than $40 million in revenue for local and state government.

In the first 10 months of 2021, received 1,276 event listing submissions – that’s hundreds of events taking place in our community every month! We have a lively and diverse arts community here in Broward and it’s clear that continued investment in the arts has a tremendous benefit for us all.

As part of the new grants program, the Division annually invites local citizens representing a broad and diverse range of artistic and cultural viewpoints, professions, and backgrounds to serve on panels and assist with the evaluation of grant applications, to create a transparent and community-driven process. The panelist application is open now through December 1, learn more or apply here.

For additional information about the Cultural Division’s grants programs and funding opportunities, visit the Division’s site here.