1 - VanishingView -Photocredit-EileenEscarda

Vanishing View by Alison Sky, located at the Miramar Cultural Center.

Public Art in County Parks

School is out and if you're not at your local park for family-friendly activities then you might be visiting parks this summer for your vaccination shot. No matter the purpose, this summer is a great…

School is out and if you’re not at your local park for family-friendly activities then you might be visiting parks this summer for your vaccination shot. No matter the purpose, this summer is a great time to reconnect with friends and family in open air spaces and Broward County alone (not including city parks) has more than 40 parks, many of which feature art commissioned by our Public Art and Design program.

It seems fitting we share some of the great public artworks in our County parks. In some instances, the works are standalone pieces that provide a focal point for visitors and in others, the works are functionally integrated as walkways, benches, or components of buildings. Regardless, with more than a dozen works of art in various County parks, they are an important feature for the enjoyment of all.

Vanishing View

Miramar Regional park
By Alison Sky

Located at the border of a lake behind the Miramar Cultural Center, this piece features a shallow refl ecting pool with multi glass panels depicting cranes in fl ight. Th is site-specifi c artwork celebrates the phenomenon of nature, revealing the life-sustaining aquifer hidden below the surface.

As One

As One

Dillard Greenspace
By Blessing Hancock

Although not technically a park, the Dillard Greenspace can be found at the intersection of Broward Boulevard and 27th Avenue in the Broward Municipal Services District. Th e work combines two Adinkra symbols – Adwo (the symbol for peace, serenity, and calm) and Fihankra (the symbol for safety, security, and home) – into one cohesive sculpture, creating a new verbal and visual representation for the community.

Mangrove Root Benches and Plaza

Mangrove Root Benches and Plaza

West Lake Park/Anne Kolb Nature Center
By Christine Federighi

The plaza is situated between the park administration building and the auditorium/ exhibition hall. Measuring 50 by 66 feet, this integrated work encompasses paver design for the plaza and four coral rock benches with bronze legs that simulate mangrove root.

Whirls, Swirls and a Vortex on Water

Whirls and Swirls and a Vortex on Water

Central Broward Regional Park
By Alice Aycock

This work refers to the dynamic and tumultuous weather patterns in South Florida, resulting in a sculpture of metal, steel, concrete, and acrylic that hovers slightly above a 30-by-21-foot elliptical-shaped pool.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Everglades Holiday Park
By Jeffrey Reed and Jennifer Madden

Slated for installation beginning this summer, the artwork overlooks the Everglades and features a 12-foot sculpture of a great egret and life-sized stainless-steel silhouette bird sculptures imbedded into a concrete path. Artfully designed stainless steel educational plaques provide a visually compelling teaching tool, honoring the rich bird life of the park.

Find out more about the wide range of public art, including more than a dozen located in Broward’s public parks in the Broward County Public Art Directory, where you can filter by venue, city or artist.