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Ready to turn your art into a business? Open to artists in all creative fields, AEI’s lectures, panels and interactive workshops are led by South Florida’s top-ranking arts practitioners and industry professionals. From boosting business…

Ready to turn your art into a business?

Open to artists in all creative fields, AEI’s lectures, panels and interactive workshops are led by South Florida’s top-ranking arts practitioners and industry professionals.

From boosting business practices to strengthening sales, AEI has it covered – freeing you up to focus on your art.

June 22, the seminar’s final Saturday, features a Business Plan Clinic and Workshop to guide attendees through the creation of a simple business plan – a vital tool for both artists and arts-based business owners.

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Attendees will also have an opportunity to network with AEI alumni, some of whom have shared their most memorable insights from the program with Art Hive Magazine.

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Tatiana Malinine

IG: @tatiana_malinine |
“I’ve taken quite a few business courses over the years and all the concepts regarding economics and target markets seemed complicated and irrelevant. In the AEI course I re-encountered many of the same concepts, but they were presented to me in a new way that made sense and I finally understood how to use these concepts to build my business. Most business courses are designed by linear thinkers for linear thinkers. AEI is truly designed for the creative brain.”
Photo by Quetsy Estremera


Gillian Kennedy Wright

IG: @kennedywrightdesigns FB: @designsbyGillianKennedyWright
“Organize, organize, organize…business plan, business registration, business plan.”
Photo by Nakisha Wong Pages

Kelcie McQuaid

IG: @kelciemcquaid  FB: @KelcieMcQuaidArt
“…I believe the most impactful experience [of AEI] was a group project prompted by civic engagement. We were asked to collectively brainstorm and present an idea as an exercise. My table was full of great artists from our community who helped me streamline and articulate an idea I had been tossing around for a while. We were able to present, and clearly define how a project like this could engage the community and leave a lasting impression.

“It was very inspiring and helped me see that with a little cooperation our local art community could really come together to produce amazing results for the betterment of South Florida and creatives at large. We’re so lucky to have an accessible, super in-depth, professional development program for artists that helps us connect, right here in Broward County.”

KX2: Ruth Avra
& Dana Kleinman

IG: @KX2art FB: @KK2art

“AEI was a mind-blowing experience for me as a “mid-career” artist, especially since I went into the seminar thinking that it was going to be targeted to artists at the beginning of their careers. The seminar’s materials opened my eyes to different markets and opportunities I did not even know existed for artists. The instructors provoked me to completely shift gears and take more control over my career expanding beyond traditional gallery relationships.” – Dana Kleinman

Miguel Mesanza

IG: @artbymime
“…. transforming an artist into a business person takes a positioning duality that requires a balancing act in between emotions and financial sense. One can be good at many things but cannot excel in everything. So, be resilient.”

Vicki Rosenthal

“One of many important takeaways from my AEI experience is that art has an important place in history, marking this moment in time on current issues – socially, politically, environmentally… As artists, it is our responsibility to utilize our talent to acknowledge and express this moment in time. I was inspired the first day; I get chills thinking about it now and so grateful that Broward County Cultural Division, ArtServe and other organizations within our area are earnest about promoting the arts.”

Alexandra Bello

IG: @AlexandraBello
FB: @AlexandraBello
“The most important lesson I learned during AEI is that perfection is not required for publishing works of art. Eighty percent perfection on a published work is better than 100% perfection on a work that no one will see. Seeking perfection blocks artists from developing a following and slows their momentum.”
Photo by Jon Delgado

Edrian Thomidis

IG: @artsy.soul
FB: @edrianthomidis
“Everything I learned at AEI in one word: Mindset.
Once I shifted my mindset into business mode and saw most of what I knew about business and marketing applied to my art with concise real-life examples, I was able to see the possibilities. The first tangible change was defining my audience and my art products.”

Janie Casoria
“As with many artists, I work in a variety of mediums because I need to be prolific, and constantly challenged so I am never bored. But I have learned to read my audience and FOCUS on a specific art form when promoting my work. I can’t deprive myself from working with different mediums, but I don’t need to spew out a litany of everything I do all at once.”

Noelle McCarthy

IG: @noellemccarthyartist
FB: @noellemccarthyartist
“AEI opened my eyes to thinking of my art and the business of art in a totally different way. It helped me to step outside my art world and really focus on the business of art, seeing things from an entrepreneur’s perspective.”

Pedro A. Figueredo

IG: @pedro_a_figueredo_art
FB: @pafigart
“Attending AEI gave me the knowledge and confidence to view and setup my artistic career as a business. In addition to the extraordinary information acquired, I also expanded my network of colleagues and professionals in the art community.”

Golda Nieleke Wasimin

IG: @peacethroughpaint
“A business that does not make profit is just a hobby. Art is business.”

Kay Kiria Betancourt

IG: @Kay.Kiria

“I learned how to bridge my work as an artist with the public… Since then, I have been exhibiting more, created a social media presence and have received press and made more art sales.”
Photo by Peter Betan

AdrienneRose Gionta

IG: @adriennerose.gionta
“Foster connections. Know your worth.”

IG: @LisaBottoLee |
“To be as professional as possible in all aspects: Marketing, print and social media. Networking: You must get out there and shake hands and meet new people. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try new things.”

Harriet Silverstein

IG: @harriet.silverstein
FB: @harrietsilversteinartist
“The most important lessons I learned in AEI were presented in Phoenix’s inspiring closing speech. She spoke about ‘standing in a place of strength,’ as an artist and as a complete person and the necessity to “shift from the doing to the being.” These points resonated with me and continue to advise me in my artistic practice. Importantly, I continue to see the successful results of applying Phoenix’s wisdom and experience to my art.”

Eliane Harvey

IG: @elianeharvey
FB: @elianeharveyart
“How to price and sale my artwork.”

Yvette Michele Booth

IG: @yvettemicheleart
FB: @artistyvettemichele
“The art world is like a buffet. You must figure out where you are best able to showcase and sell and focus there. AEI showed me there is a whole world of opportunity and as an artist that you should seize the day.”

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