Las Olas Capital Arts offers local artists a shot at getting showcased

Miami-based artist MaiYap is so passionate about the environment, she is literally taking a stab at how she feels about today’s current ecological crisis through her work. Beginning her career painting close-ups of flowers, later…

Miami-based artist MaiYap is so passionate about the environment, she is literally taking a stab at how she feels about today’s current ecological crisis through her work. Beginning her career painting close-ups of flowers, later moving onto Everglades landscapes and then crafting abstract pieces, MaiYap will finish an abstract painting and then cut it with a palette knife to create deeper meaning and texture.

“I want to feel the pain of the of the environment and how the earth might feel with a bulldozer going over it. There are many environmental concerns right now.

We depend on the earth for our physical health and spiritual well-being, so we must embrace the planet with a sense of renewal and gratitude. Being grateful is the most healing love of all.”


Founded and curated by Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner in 2016, Las Olas Capital Arts is the principal philanthropic mission of Las Olas Capital Advisors. Las Olas Capital Arts sheds a spotlight on local artists seeking to showcase their work. Artists interested in submitting their work to be considered for exhibition at Las Olas Capital Arts can contact Jeffreys-Tanner. Those desiring to attend a future exhibition can simply RSVP for these complimentary events through Las Olas Capital Arts’ Facebook page,


“We’re in wealth management but I’m very passionate about supporting local artists because this ultimately provides a boost to the economy,” Jeffreys-Tanner said. “There is truly a lot of value to investing in art and local artists and it’s very rewarding to feature artists who are making the world a better place. If our featured artists sell anything, they keep 100 percent of the profits. Every four months, I choose a new artist to highlight here. January will be our next exhibition.”


While many artist exhibitions typically require a portion of proceeds from art work sold, Jeffreys-Tanner isn’t about that. “People are noticing Broward and the incredible art scene we have here,” Jeffreys-Tanner said.

“I feel that the arts are so important. It touches everybody in a certain way. If you can help be a part of that process by exposing people to the arts and giving artists a chance to show their work, that’s the most rewarding thing.

Sometimes we can accidentally expose students to the arts in wonderful ways we never expected. I want to be part of supporting the arts for the betterment of the whole world.”
Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner

Jeffreys-Tanner, who is chair of the Broward County Cultural Council, seeks out artists who are not only making meaningful art, but those who are also making a difference in the community. Jeffreys-Tanner then provides the reception and exhibition at no cost to the artist. The art work is then exhibited in the Las Olas Capital Advisors office, located on Las Olas Boulevard. In addition to beverages and light bites for the Oct. 11 reception, students from St. Thomas Aquina’s High School’s band in Fort Lauderdale entertained guests as they perused MaiYap’s art.


“I’m very excited to be showing my work with Las Olas Capital Arts and thankful to Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner for a spectacular opening reception ” said MaiYap, who mainly utilized bright, vibrant hues to gentle pastels for the paintings in the “Colors of Gratitude” exhibition. “I truly believe in color theory and that certain colors will make you happy.”


Oil painting often through pointillism, a technique utilizing dot patterns to form an image, which Vincent Van Gogh also utilized, MaiYap has garnered a prolific body of work. “The environment and nature have had a profound effect on my art,” MaiYap said. “I have talked to many experts and asked, ‘Why are we not doing more things on a personal level to stop the destruction of the environment?’”


The Chinese-Panamanian artist, instructor and consultant who worked at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables for 13 years teaching art debuted her first solo exhibition in 2006 with “Flowers of Hope” in Miami. “When I first started painting more than 25 years ago, nobody was really doing close up pieces of flowers. I wanted to really bring the flowers out and delight the viewer,” MaiYap said. “My environmental abstracts that I most recently created express my deepest concerns about the struggle to preserve our planet.”

“Colors of Gratitude” exhibition is open by appointment at Las Olas Capital Arts until December 28 with 45 original works for sale. Email: Erika Rios at, or Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner at, or visit

Interested in learning more about MaiYap’s exhibition or having your own artwork considered for an exhibition at Las Olas Capital Arts? Email Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner at or visit