Flor  Brito

Flor Brito


Website: www.florbrito.com

   124 W Riverbend Dr, Sunrise, FL, 33326

 Flor Brito is a Venezuelan-American artist who start developing the art as a teenager. Brito likes to explore every day to developed and discovering some new ideas about her passion. After several years of working in Business Administration, she decided to relieve her passion.

Brito’s inspirations are based ideas represented on abstract art, using various techniques and a variety of color combinations, the results become creations that convey emotions and movements.

Her vivid color scheme has been developed over the years, the colors represent my adventurous attitude and positive outlook on life, and her style is creating

Brito’s work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions. She likes to explore every day and developed some new ideas about her passion.

Her goal is to continue in this creative path, travel the world, paint new experiences, make people smile with my art and become a successful artist