Alejandra Palacios

Alejandra Palacios

Visual Artist - Architect and 3D Architectural Visualizer


   2810 Van Buren St, Hollywood, FL, 33020

Alejandra Palacios Biography

Alejandra chose the brush as her way of expressing her feelings through life. It allows her to combine colors and feelings to create an artwork with a sense of realism, and a peek from her perspective. Her art shows life from a completely different viewpoint; suggesting a life that many people do not see, even when standing next to her. Simply stated, she deconstructs the view that most see, and creates a fresh new energy and movement of the same landscape, with vivid colors/energy. Traditional media (oil on Canvas), she is reminded that there is more to life than tradition. She wishes the people to see outside of the box; to view a common sight in a not-so common way. Having studied styles as diverse as Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Marinetti as artists, she also pursued an Architectural Degree studying Ricardo Legorreta, Luis Barragan and Le Corbusier and incorporated Omquest Design Solutions. A 3D Architectural Rendering Company that has been instrumental to the Hollywood CRA or Community Redevelopment Agency in it’s goal to revitalize both downtown and the beach community.

Often times, these themes are combined into a medium that incorporates a layered architectural design, keeping the real image of the minds eye that most see, but showing the futuristic view that she views.

The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work. She has created a pattern of circles; a pattern that is reflective of the source of energy that she in visions creates the movement in her work. Thomas Edison spent his life inventing light & motion picture, inspiring her work to explore new artistic techniques and compositions to exhibit life through her eyes. As a result, she created her own style that she refers to as “Geometric Futurism Art”.

Exhibitions: Nina Torres Fine Art, Arts and Entertainment District – Miami FL Hollywood City Hall – Hollywood FL Sisters Cities, Art Deco Welcome Center – Miami Beach FL Art Garage – Delray Beach FL• Chamber of Deputies Building – Mexico City Hospital Siglo XXI – Mexico City

Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Hollywood FL

Hollywood City Hall FL 2014

Nina Torres Gallery Art Miami Beach FL 2014

Sister Cities, Art deco Welcome Center- Miami Beach FL

Chamber of Deputies Building -2016 Mexico City

Hospital Siglo XXI Mexico City 2015

Lola Beltran Museum/ Casa Moran Sinaloa, Mexico 2017

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

American Institute of Architecture (AIA) 2014 Award Winner 2016 AIA Nomination

Commissioned Artist for the 1st Anniversary promotion of Margaritaville Hollywood Beach FL

Commissioned Artist for Florida Derby Cup promotional in January 2017 to Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach FL

Commissioned Artist for Pegasus World Cup promotional in January 2018 to Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach FL