Paula Rucket

Paula Rucket

Photographer - Photographer

   4043 Lincoln C, Boca Raton, FL, 33434

Paula Rucket is originally from Kansas City Missouri and currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida. Rucket picked up a camera a few years ago and has been making pictures ever since. She is a self-taught photographer with a passion for creating art from a photographic image.  Her belief is that out of the simplest things around us art can flourish.  She enjoys photographing wildlife, places, and people with the goal of combining all the elements of design to tell a story.

Paula‚Äôs talent as a photographer has been well established.  She has received numerous awards and special honors for her pictorial creations and her work has been exhibited widely in juried and group exhibitions throughout the United States, South America, and Europe.  She has been honored with three Best in Show awards as well as art magazine and newspaper recognition.

Ms. Rucket can be contacted via email.  Her email address is: