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Kent Burkhardsmeier


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Voice within

Middle America is vast, open and expansive – life can be relatively simple and commonplace.  Such was my childhood growing up there, before moving to distant cities and countries with divergent cultures.

Traveling sparked my curiosity to learn, explore, connect, and appreciate our diverse world.

Layers within a scenic landscape or interactive humanity lure my eye to capture a reality observed just beyond the obvious; visually empathizing with the overlooked, identifying with the ordinary, and savoring nature’s elegant beauty.

Each image reveals a paused moment during my journeys; connecting to the essence of my childhood – joy in the ordinary and simple beauty.



Kent grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota learning to appreciate the simpler parts of life, trusting others, respecting Mother Nature, and enjoying life before he ventured beyond his home state.

For Kent, traveling allows him to explore the world, experience and understand different cultures, interact and observe people, and witness the beauty all around.

Kent’s fine art prints reflect his voice towards simplicity, inner peace, and serenity from the hustle and bustle of the world we live within.

Light, shapes, shadows, repetition, and simplicity grab the attention of Kent’s eye. They inspire and intrigue him – striving to share his moments through the media of photography. Kent composes his photos in a manner to entice the viewer to join him as he steps into the quietude around us.

His childhood roots empower Kent to see beauty in the forgotten, unnoticed, or overlooked around us; that which is in our midst as we pass through life.  Kent recognizes that people are the same no matter where one is – it is these people, their moments, and their places Kent enjoys connecting through his photographs.

Kent seeks to inspire and provide a sense of enjoyment through his images.  The breadth of Kent’s photography encompasses fine art landscape, travel expose, and street photography.  As a self-taught artist, he continuously seeks new ways to improve his images, expand his abilities, and trigger creativity.