Tara A. Chadwick

Tara A. Chadwick

Tara Chadwick is an interdisciplinary traditional artist interested in developing and sharing her knowledge of the indigenous history of our region through transformative dance and visual art installations integrated with live sound, movement and spoken word.
Although Ms. Chadwick is most well known as a contemporary vocalist for her 10 year stint with the Neeconis Singers, she is also gaining notoriety for her work in visual art and as Mesoamerican Spark Dancer.

Tara is an artist in residence in the Sistrunk Corridor and Curator of Exhibitions at the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society. She has received widespread media coverage for her lively presentations, workshops and lectures and for her cultural contributions to the South Florida Day of the Dead Celebration. Tara’s artistic work in the specialized art of tradtional traje (outfit) making for Danza, were recently highlighted on MTV TR3S Top 20.

As an emerging leader in the preservation and practice of indigenous lifeways, part of Tara’s
responsibility is to find ways to maintain and pass on the skills and knowledge she has earned in the same ways that those opportunities to earn and learn were presented to her. Winning a CAEP grant from the Broward County Cultural Division has helped to leverage interest and support from local cultural and arts organizations such as the Miramar Cultural Center and local United Nations Association.

Tara Chadwick is also a writer, educator, and mentor with over 30 years of demonstrated succ

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