Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19, events should be verified directly with the organization prior to attending.

South Florida Chamber Ensemble

South Florida Chamber Ensemble

Welcome Back:

South Florida Chamber Ensemble is offering free virtual programming and concerts for all ages, including literacy programs for children, families, and adults. The Chamber Ensemble concert series begins virtually in October, with Season 10 debuting in November at the Miramar Cultural Center. 

For more information on upcoming virtual performances and programming, click here.

About South Florida Chamber Ensemble:

The South Florida Chamber Ensemble is a non profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of South Florida residents through music.  We produce a classical concert series of 6 performances every season.  Our mission is to make classical music accessible by talking to our audience about the composers, the musical selections and their history.  We also have a Children’s Concert Series where music, arts, math and science come together and arts integration programs using music to teach core subjects.

The SFCE performs as a piano trio, mixed trio and woodwing quintet.

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