Opera International

Opera International

Opera International was launched in 1994 out of a love for opera and its artists. The purpose of the organization is two-fold: to encourage and inspire in young people an appreciation of Opera; to train and prepare aspiring vocalists of all nationalities for operatic careers.

To this end, Opera International provides an opportunity for young artists to perform lead roles alongside established singers who believe in this kind of apprenticeship and who are willing to share their skills to help young singers develop their craft. In addition, each artist is provided a scholarship to further his or her career.

As its name suggests, the purpose of Opera International extends beyond borders. This unique concept touches all aspects of the company, from its diverse roster of sponsors and contributors to its international list of performers. Each artist’s desire is to contribute to the expansion of the community’s musical interest and understanding; to return in some measure what he or she has received artistically from others.

In further support of its mission, performances by Opera International include a portion of discounted tickets to encourage attendance by students and young people, as well as others new to opera. As one of the grand art forms, opera has much to offer both young and old, from its music and timeless stories to its rich and important place in music history up to the present.

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