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Embrace Music Foundation

Embrace Music Foundation

EMF’s signature program is Rhythms of Africa / Music Around the World, a musical journey that describes the movement of ancient rhythms sprung from the souls of vibrant cultures and carried by hand and heart from Africa to the Caribbean, South America, and North America. Our program targets thirty to forty at-risk kids (musical novices) at a time, commonly in their teens from thirteen to seventeen.


Each program consists of a series of workshops that integrates musical concepts such as rhythm, tone, and percussion instruments with academics, ethnic studies, history, geography, mathematics, and language, while imparting real-time experiences with character development, teamwork, and respect. The program culminates with an on-stage performance at which children demonstrate their new skills first by themselves, then accompanied by professional musicians.


The mission of Embrace Music Foundation, a non-profit organization in Broward County is “to restore, preserve, and fortify the impact of music — education, appreciation, and performance — in schools and communities, and to amplify its role in the development of children and families.”

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