Founded in Miami, Florida, by Vocal Coach Debora Lebendiker, Coachsingers is a Singing vocal studio. Debora is a Speech Level Singing Certified Vocal Instructor. As a result of her experience as a singer and Vocal Coach, Debora can be defined as an integral trainer of singers and expertise in artist Development. She has the conviction that a singer is much more than a pretty voice. Learn the abilities you need to be a well-rounded artist, ranging from a proper vocal technique to forms of interpretation and style, as well as learning how to deal with emotional blocks and fears in order to ensure a confident stage presence, commitment and clarity of direction. Debora prepares and inspires a wide-ranging singers from Pop, Country and Rock. Coachsingers Studio provides an integral training to beginners and professional singers and songwriters. Her Studio is located in the area of Hollywood , Florida

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  1. Hello,

    I am the activities coordinator for a senior community inquiring about the possibility in having the students to perform for our
    residents as part of my intergenerational program.
    Your response is appreciated.


    Teresa Guimaraes
    Activities Coordinator at
    Brighton Gardens Assisted Living

    C (561) 239-9235


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