Fort Lauderdale Lifeguard Towers Call to Artists

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Call for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Fort Lauderdale Lifeguard Towers Call to Artists


Fort Lauderdale Beach – Four Lifeguard Towers

Due: January 20, 2021

The City of Fort Lauderdale is seeking to commission one artist or artist team to design and install artwork that enhances four lifeguard towers. The towers are located on the beach in the City’s business district, between Sunrise Boulevard and Seabreeze Boulevard.

The lifeguard towers present an opportunity for highly visible and vibrant artwork that contributes to the culture of the community and a sense of place.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

The beach is an economic anchor for the City of Fort Lauderdale and is one of the most sought out community spaces for special events. The business district along A1A and the beach is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Fort Lauderdale. Tourism is Greater Fort Lauderdale’s second largest industry. In 2018, there were more than 8 million overnight hotel stays and more than $1.3 billon generated in hotel revenue. Visitors selected Greater Fort Lauderdale as their destination of choice and $86.9 million was spent in tourist development tax collections. For every 85 visitors to Broward County, it is estimated that one job is created.

Art at Fort Lauderdale Beach

Art in public places is an important part of the culture of a diverse community such as Fort Lauderdale. While not only aesthetically pleasing, public art provides opportunities for local artists to contribute to the image and economics of the City and expose residents and visitors to the diversity and culture that makes Fort Lauderdale unique.

Site and Design Parameters

Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue supervises three miles of public beach from the South Beach Picnic Area up to the beach at the northern point of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. In the guarded areas of the beach, there are 20 year-round, permanently staffed lifeguard towers spaced between 200 and 400 yards apart.

The four lifeguard towers selected for this project are located at the following addresses:

1)      1000 Seabreeze Boulevard (lifeguard tower 2).

2)      496 South Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard (lifeguard tower 5),

3)      296 South Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard (lifeguard tower 6), and;

4)      126 South Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard (lifeguard tower 7).

The selected artwork will withstand humid outdoor environments and meet Florida building codes. The use of durable vinyl wrapping is preferred.  The signage for beach warning flags, rip currents, lifeguard on or off duty, and tower number must be easily visible.

Shortlisted artist will be provided with detailed information about the lifeguard towers, including the size of each tower.

Artist Services

The selected artist will be required to enter into an agreement with the City, visit the sites, and install the artwork.

Art Project Budget

The total budget established for this project will not exceed $40,000. The budget must include Artist’s design fee, presentation expenses, meetings with City and stakeholders, engineering, artwork fabrication, delivery, installation, insurance, travel, Artist’s contingency, and all applicable taxes.

Artist Eligibility

This Call to Artist is open to professional artists who are eighteen years of age or older and reside in the State of Florida.  Artists with all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should demonstrate through their submission materials that they have the skills and experience to successfully complete the project.

The City of Fort Lauderdale understands the City’s cultural vibrancy is due to its diversity. As such, the City acknowledges that all cultures are vital to the arts and the promotion of a culturally democratic world.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

The City of Fort Lauderdale manages the application process. The Public Art and Placement Advisory Board will review qualifications. This Board is made up of City residents with knowledge of public art. The Board shortlist of applicants will be based on the excellence of past work, as demonstrated by the visuals and other submission materials. The Board also considers the versatility and appropriateness of the media in which the applicant has demonstrated proficiency, as it relates to the scope of this project. Experienced and emerging artists are encouraged to apply.

Shortlisted Artists will be invited to develop conceptual design proposals to present to the Board. Artists will receive information about the project and have a minimum of one (1) month to prepare a conceptual design proposal for review by the board. Shortlisted artists will be paid an honorarium for the proposal and presentation. Proposals must include a written narrative, visual materials necessary to convey the initial concept or approach to the project, estimated project budget, schematic project schedule, and future maintenance schedule. Proposals, including materials, become property of the City and will not be returned. Shortlisted Artists must submit digital files of their full presentation five (5) business days prior to the scheduled date of the presentation. The City reserves the right to re-issue this Call to Artists, to reject any and all responses to this Call to Artists, and to negotiate with any qualified Artist selected for this project.

The Public Art and Placement Advisory Board will make the final recommendation of artwork selection to the City Commission.

Anticipated Art Project Schedule

Shortlisting of Proposals: Spring 2021

Interviews and/or Conceptual Design Proposal Selection: TBD

Artwork Completion and Installation: TBD

Application Requirements

Applications must be submitted via BidSync via the below link.


Bids must include:

·         Resume

·         Electronic Images – Submit 10 digital images of relevant work. Artists are encouraged to submit work samples that best illustrate their qualifications for this opportunity. Each digital image must feature a single work.

·         Annotated Image List – include name of artist, title of work, year, media, size, and location of artwork and/or project, project budget, image number and any other relevant information.


NOTE: Hard copy materials will not be accepted for this Call to Artists.


Application Deadline

January 20, 2021



Carl Williams, Parks and Recreation Deputy Director

Phone: (954) 828-5804



Public Art and Placement Advisory Board Members

·         Bonnie Barnett

·         Bonnie Clearwater

·         Francie Bishop Good

·         Martha Gutiérrez SteinKamp

·         Michelle Howland

·         “Phoenix” Lynn Marks

·         Sarah Glass