Call to Artists: Broward Sheriff’s Office Training Center

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Call for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Call to Artists: Broward Sheriff’s Office Training Center


In partnership with Broward Sheriff’s Office, Broward Cultural Division’s Public Art & Design Program is seeking to commission one or more artists to transform multiple exterior locations within the Broward Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Complex located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The selected artist(s) will design unique artworks that visually enhance the neighborhood in which the facility is located, engage visitors, employees, and passersby, thematically convey the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s mission to provide safety and security for all residents of Broward County, and its commitment to working side by side with the community.

Project Budget

The total budget established for this project shall not exceed $410,000.00.  This amount will be divided to allow for two or more projects awarded to one or more artists. The budget must include Artist’s design fee, presentation expenses, meetings with County and BSO, proposed lighting, artwork fabrication, delivery, and installation, insurance, travel, Artist’s contingency, and all applicable taxes. The budget shall also include the cost to hire a Florida licensed general contractor, Florida licensed structural and electrical engineers, and engineer(s) required to prepare the permit drawings.  Permit fees, and all construction costs required to complete the artwork will also be the responsibility of the artist(s).

Applicants Eligibility

This Call to Artists is open to all professional artists, eighteen years of age or older; residing in the United States.  Applicants should demonstrate through their submission materials that they have the skills and to successfully complete the project. The application process requires artists to review and accept the terms of the Broward County Standard Agreement before applying to the Call to Artists.

Broward Cultural Council understands that Broward County’s cultural vibrancy is due to its diversity. As such, Broward Cultural Council acknowledges that all cultures are vital to the arts and the promotion of a culturally democratic world. Therefore, Broward Cultural Council supports the development, expression, and preservation of art and culture of all communities, groups and individuals. The Council aims to ensure that diverse populations throughout the County have opportunities to appreciate and value the arts and to participate.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

The Broward Cultural Division manages the application process. An Artist Selection Panel (Panel) reviews the applications to this Call to Artists. This Panel includes a member of the Public Art & Design Committee, arts professionals, and agency and community representatives. The Panel shortlists applicants on the basis of the excellence of past work of similar scope, as demonstrated by the visuals and other submission materials. The Panel also considers the versatility and appropriateness of the media in which the applicants have demonstrated proficiency, as it relates to the scope of the project.

Shortlisted Artists will be invited to develop conceptual design proposals to present in person to the Artist Selection Panel. They will receive information about the project and have a minimum of one (1) month to prepare a conceptual design proposal for review by the Artist Selection Panel. Shortlisted artists will be paid an honorarium for the proposal, the presentation, and approved travel expenses. Proposals must include a written narrative, visual materials (optional models) necessary to convey the initial concept or approach to the project, estimated project budget, schematic project schedule, and future maintenance schedule. Proposals, including models/maquettes, become property of Broward County and will not be returned. Shortlisted must submit digital files of their full presentation five (5) business days prior to the scheduled date of the finalist interviews. The County reserves the right to re-issue this Call to Artists, to reject any and all responses to this Call to Artists, and to negotiate with any qualified Artist selected for this project.

Application Requirements

Applications must be submitted via the Submittable website: and must include:


Electronic image

Annotated image 



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