Call for Photography - 'Florida: Faces and Places'

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Call for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Call for Photography - 'Florida: Faces and Places'





‘Florida: Faces & Places’
June 2019 through May 2019
Art Call Entry period April 1 through May 31, 2019

This contest is open to all ages. Photographs can be taken by a film camera and scanned, a digital camera, or digital camera that is part of another device (like a cell phone).

Entry Details
Participants may submit work between April 1 and May 31, 2019. Photographers may submit up to 3 images for $25.00 (additional/add-on images at $5 each, maximum of 2 additional images). Payments can be made online here:

Images may be no larger than 3MB each at the time of entry and be submitted in .JPEG or .PDF format. Entry fees are non-refundable and all images may or may not be selected depending on gallery space available and appropriateness of subject matter. NUDES will Not Be Accepted. All photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appeared. Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (removal of dust, cropping, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color and contrast, etc.) will be disqualified. Multiple exposures that have been combined to produce a single “High Dynamic Range” image is acceptable.  We are allowing HDR but ask that it be kept in a realistic tone. Black and white will also be accepted. Entries submitted after the Entry period ending on May 31 will not be eligible.

Photographs must be framed and exhibition ready (wired, hangers, etc.).  Please email if you have oversized or heavy work to be submitted.

What To Enter
‘Florida: Faces & Places’ is focused on how local, Florida residents spend each day of their lives. A global view of Florida from outside of the state often related to Beaches, Disney World, and other sunshine baked tourist destinations. This exhibition is an opportunity to explain what life is truly like for Florida locals, day in and day out through photography.

This exhibition will pair with a Summer, student documentary project being created with a collaboration between Center for Creative Education’s C4 Media Arts & Technology program and Blue Planet Writers’ Room.  Two local, non-profits with missions dedicated to education.  The students will be able to share their own stories that document their lives and culture in Florida.  Many of these stories will surprise people who have never been to Florida or only connect to Florida from a tourism perspective.

How To Enter
All images must be submitted to, including all required fields in the following format:
(ex. DoeJohn.01.FishFarm).
Pay entry fees using above ‘Entry Payment’ and ‘Entry Add-Ons’ buttons found here:

This is a secure payment portal.