Meet the 2021 Broward County Artist Support Grantees

Introducing the newest recipients of Broward Cultural Division’s Artist Support Grant! Learn about the artists who are receiving funding support for their upcoming artistic projects, which will each include a free community event.

Broward Cultural Division awards the Artist Support grant to individual artists in three cycles throughout the year (Summer, Fall, and Winter). The award is designed to be flexible and accessible to encourage career advancement through creativity, innovation, and sustained commitment to artistic work.

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Fall Cycle 2021 Award Recipients

Project: “They’re Trying Their Best” is Chapter 2 of Laura Atria’s “Messy Hair, Messy Hearts” series. Both chapters depict paintings focusing on the female.

Learn more about Laura Atria here >>

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Project: “We Good” Project is a short film about friendship, with an all-female cast, that takes place in present day Fort Lauderdale. A public screening of the short film will take place in late summer 2022.

Learn more about Cassandra Belony here >>

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Project: “This is How I Feel” is a solo exhibition that addresses the growing concerns and impact of domestic violence, sexual abuse and assault in communities throughout the country. The project will take place at a Broward County library and will include a photo exhibition, video, lecture, and creative healing workshop.

Learn more about Susan Buzzi here >>

Project: “Dessalines Lives!” is an original composition in honor of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a Haitian Revolution leader from the late 1700s. This performance will include a solo dancer and spoken word performance in both Creole and English.

Learn more about Jean Caze here >>

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Project: “Drag It Out: From Bind to Breakthrough” is feature film documentary acknowledging and celebrating the Fort Lauderdale LGBTQA+ community, that will be screened at the Gateway Theater in Fort Lauderdale.

Learn more about Dana DellaCamera here >>

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Project: “Musical Sketches” is a concert featuring unique sounds created by Spanish guitar and Latin percussion. This program will include original and popular music uniquely arranged and performed at Secret Woods Park in Dania Beach.

Learn more about Robert Folse here >>

Project: “Fore(st)sight” is a large-scale art installation that invites children and seniors to engage as assistants in creating a forest made out of junk mail, that also spotlights the pervasive impact junk mail has in our lives and the environment.
Learn more about Lili(ana) here >>

Project: “Crossing Borders Artists from the Middle East and Latin America” is an exhibition of works from six immigrant artists from Syria, Israel, Iran, Cuba, Haiti, and Venezuela. Artists in this exhibition will share their artwork and personal stories about their heritage and the impact immigration and American culture has on their lives and art. This exhibition will take place in both a digital space, and in-person at ArtServe.  
Learn more about Antoine Khawam here >>
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Project: “pill. pop. shop.” is a pop-up live screenprinting event that focuses on raising awareness about the role the arts play in the therapeutic process. Attendees can either bring their own t-shirts or be provided one at this event at Searstown in Fort Lauderdale.
Learn more about Tina LaPorta here >> 
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Project: “Foundation of a Community: The Iconic Architecture of Fort Lauderdale” is an exhibition featuring replicas of iconic landmarks in Fort Lauderdale, addressing climate change and the effects on architecture.
Learn more about Christina Lihan here >> 
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Project: “(In)Visibility” is an exhibition of portraits created primarily with yarn. Kandy has chosen to create artwork of people from different environments that carry themselves with a facade that masks their vulnerability in order to survive.
Learn more about Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno here >>

Project: “Everything Must Go” is an exhibition that draws on the experience of purging and cleaning objects and possessions to renew your space. This exhibition will be on public view at the Girls’ Club Collection in Spring 2022.
Learn more about Khaulah Naima Nuruddin here >>
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Project: “Sit, Sing and Swing: The Return” is a series of three concerts showcasing soul, jazz and swing music that will serve the greater South Florida community of music lovers who have limited access to quality African-American, Caribbean and world music styles.
Learn more about Allen Paul here >> 
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Project: “Through Others, We Become Ourselves” is a temporary, interactive art installation that allows patrons to scan any page of text from their library books to create an abstract portrait of themselves solely from the words they scanned.
Learn more about Jonathan Rockford here >>
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Project: “Resonance” is a collaborative live performance exploring how sounds of glass sculptures can be used to create musical instruments. Multiple instruments will be created from glass and played live at Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week.
Learn more about David Rosenthal here >>
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Project: “Mannequin Cabaret and Review” is an exhibition of wearable glass “glasskinis” and corsets, accompanied by extravagant apparel pieces to create a conversation about body and soul. A live fashion show where models will wear these pieces will take place during Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week.
Learn more about Carol Rousso here >>

Project: “Bert’s Big Bed” is a play about HIV and the difficult conversation of telling your loved ones that you’re HIV positive.
Learn more about Edward Sparan here >>

Project: “Movement for Justice – Pilgrimage” is a dance performance series promoting social awareness and equality in America.
Learn more about Agatha Wright here >>