Wendy Carey

 Exploring science, humanitarian principles, morality, and her own life experiences through her camera lens, as well as hand painted mixed media works. She utilizes reclaimed materials and has developed a unique style she refers to as Cosmic Surrealism. Her works remind us that although we often think of the Universe as being anywhere outside of Earth’s atmosphere we are actually living parts of it where ever we are right this very moment.




Residencies and Memberships

2015 – World and Eye

Core Artist Group Member 


2015 – Shade Post

Resident Artist


Exhibitions and Festivals


2016 – N’Namdi Contemporary

Black Lives Matter


2015 – Gallery X

Cosmic Pop Up


2015 –  Girls Club

Art Fallout


2015 – Gallery X

The Fall


2015 – Jump the Shark

Anniversary Event


2015 – Shade Post

Bite the Bullet


2015 – World and Eye

Fat Village Arts District

Macrosms, Microcosms


2015 – 1310 Gallery

Elephant Show


2015 – Mana

Wynwood Arts District

The Secret Garden Experience


2015 – Art Attack

Cosmic Flow Exhibition with

Amir Sultan PercussionOwyl Mozey and Kikimora Studio


2015 – Art Serve

Inside Out Show


2014 – Studio 535

Lingere Soiree 

Aids and Hiv

Awareness Fundraiser 


2014 – World and Eye 

Fat Village Arts District

Putting the Pieces Together


2014 – Girls Club

Art Fallout 


2014 – World and Eye    

Artwarlk After Hours


2014 – Art Attack

Wenderful, a Solo Exhibition


2014 – Broward Art Guild

The Secret Art Show


2013 – Have You Seen Me?


Independent Working Artis

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  1. Hello home girl. Please let me know when you will have a program. I would love to come.


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