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Ulises Pineda

FLUTES OF THE ANDES is a musical program created by Ulises Pineda to showcase the most prominent flutes and sounds of the Andean cultures in South America, such as the Incas and Aymaras. Ulises provides live performances and showcases for educational, community and private events. ULISES PINEDA is a Chilean born flute player/composer who specializes in the indigenous flutes of the Andes. His style combines the sounds of ancient civilizations of the Andes with contemporary arrangements. During

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  1. Hi! This is Ms. Grayson from Driftwood Middle School. You performed at this school last year for Hispanic Heritage month. Are you available to perform for us again this year. I would like to book you for any of the Fridays in September starting September 15th. If interested, could you please call me at 9754)323-3100 or email Thank you so much and I look

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