Twyla Gettert

Twyla Gettert is the recipient of numerous awards for her paintings including a grant from the E.D. Foundation, NYC, NY. A graduate of the University of Iowa, she has been a full-time artist for over twenty years. Twyla’s paintings and photography are collected by both private and corporate art enthusiasts and have been purchased by over 55 corporations. Her work has been shown in museum exhibitions and also in a network of galleries throughout the U.S. Her art was selected for two international Sumi-E shows at the Osaka, Japan; National Museum of Fine Art. She creates in a number of mediums including Painting, Printmaking, Photography, manipulated Digital Radiography, Chinese Brush Painting, and Japanese Sumi-E. Ms. Gettert’s experience includes completing art-site specific projects with designers and architects. She has completed large-scale commissioned works on numerous healthcare, hotel,  and hospitality projects.

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