Tracey Hagen

The sights, sounds, rhythms, and people of South Beach have helped shape the work of photographer Tracey Hagen. A native of South Beach, Hagen’s family have been full-time Miami Beach residents for more than 90 years, and the vibrant energy of the culture-rich environment of sea and sand, along with her own ceaseless curiosity, have inspired her work as a photographer. Shooting primarily in black and white, she is interested in unique photo processing techniques. Hagen has photographed everything in nature from fauna to flora and all types of people. Her love of travel has led to beautiful discoveries in front of the lens, capturing fascinating images from east to west. Hagen’s favorite endeavor is photographing people, especially children, and her goal is to reveal people as they really are, as their most authentic and natural selves. For each client, she works to create comfort and warmth to draw out rare and intimate moments. She gives careful thought to location, props and style of portraits to depict the true essence of her subjects. Earlier in her career, Hagen became known and sought after for her one-of-a- kind portraits that were digitally printed onto paper-thin aluminum metal. Working on such a medium allowed her to experiment with light and shadows and produce a very contemporary body of photographic work. Hagen’s interest in photography began at a young age, when, inspired by her father’s work as a dentist, she routinely assisted him in photographing each cli

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