Submission Red

Submission Red is a four-piece alternative rock band from South Florida, consisting of lead vocalist Yvonne Winfrey, her husband/guitarist David Winfrey, bassist Ryan Horner, and drummer Aguila Correa. Having formed over two years ago, Submission Red has caught the attention of fans all across the United States by traveling to perform in churches, public events, and schools.

Displaying a true passion and pure heart for creating inspiring music that reaches audiences everywhere, the band has demonstrated its power in impacting the rock music scene.

Having recently signed with Dream Records, a subsidiary of the Universal music label, Submission Red’s music has been played continuously on South Florida’s radio station, Buzz 103.1 FM on their show, Buzz Junior (which airs every Sunday night starting at 11pm).

Submission Red aims to spread a message of hope and faith in times where things may not be so bright. They’re always looking to diversify their fan base and gain new exposure by performing in various venues across the country. Join the Submission Red family (through their Facebook and Street Team facebook page!) – you’ll see why this band has what it takes to make it to the top!

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