Sandra Canning

This is the serendipitous journey of a female photographer unveiling beauty in all her disguises. Canning’s vision when creating an image is based on sharing our “Beautiful Whirled” as she sees it: through the prism of optimism, lit by hope, inspired by awe, and ruled by beauty. Her belief is that when we commune with beauty, we touch the Divine. Most of her fine art images have been captured in Florida. Her subjects include seascapes, landscapes, & architecture.

“The Sunshine State in Black & White” is a body of work that explores a Florida not meant for postcards or tourist brochures. The work challenges the viewer to look beyond the typical depiction of blue skies and beaches to find a symphony of light, form, and shadow that is hidden in plain sight. Many of the images have been captured in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach and are places that we live and work nearby.

Canning is mostly self-taught. Long exposure is her preferred technique because it provides a photographic record of something that lies somewhere beyond real life – “Photographing the fourth dimension (time) allows me to transport the observer to a world between worlds”, said Canning. She was born in Trinidad, grew up in St. Thomas, USVI and now resides in South Florida. Canning is also a full-time realtor who uses leading edge visual communications to sell properties.
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  • Coral Cove in Jupiter

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