Petrina Easton

Petrina Easton was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies the last island in the Caribbean chain amongst multicultural creative influences from steel pan music to Carnival.

The culture in which she was raised is unique, because of the varying number of cultural traditions and beliefs that have been preserved and cross-pollinated by generations of migrants from all over the world, all in one small island. Trinidad is constantly alive with artistic vibrancy and cultural diversity.

Petrina migrated to Michigan and was exposed to a whole new realm of culture, art and drama teachers that influenced her creative skills. She was awarded honors in art during High School, subsequently attending the University of Miami and was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Communication with special emphasis in film, photography, art and graphic design with works shown in the Lowe Art Museum.

Petrina focuses on mixed media art using acrylics, wood, photography, poetry and computer design to list a few, merging many creative skills in each piece of work.

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