Paola Gracey

   The first glimpse of Paola’s artwork sparks an intriguing curiosity that demands an immediate answer to the question “what is that?”. Her early exposure to the Miami art scene and her background in science academia has culminated in a very unique and distinctive style.
   Her nine-to-five requires the left-brain to function on all cylinders. As a pharmaceutical chemist she thinks in equations. She adopts and incorporates science concepts, chemical equations, and symbolic representations into her paintings. “After all isn’t everything chemistry?” Paola says. Her passion is working with the physical aspects of acrylics, oils, resins, gels, and additives, exploring their every combination as well as their limitations on canvas. In the laboratory she is a precise technician. In the studio she can experiment by trial and error and the possibilities are endless. Incorporating different techniques such as pouring, dripping, tipping and mixing helps her manipulate the paint; both physically and chemically.
  She treats each painting as an experiment. During the creative process she takes time to record the variables that were manipulated in route to the finished product. She uses these details to replicate the physical and chemical conditions that are necessary to accomplish her artistic goals. This is where the symbiosis of her two passions climax. Paola truly believes that good science is an art form just as much as good art demands sound scientific principles.

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