Lori Arbel Arbel

I am an artist, Florida state-certified teacher, and creative life coach guiding young adults through personal journeys of self-discovery and, often, the discovery of their own creative talents. My passion to create innovative mixed-media art and photography – and to help others bring out their own inner artists – has led me to teach in NYC and South Florida schools and community spaces for 18 years.

​Whether finding my own inner-expression in art or helping my students do the same, I try always to offer a positive, energetic perspective.

I’ve been pursuing my own artistic muse since early-childhood.  Later in life, I discovered that artistic expression could be a tool to heal. In college, I used art to work through the anger and pain of my Mom’s death. Later on, after the difficult birth of my daughter, I used art to sort through the emotional challenges and creative shutdown that followed. It was then that I was affected most profoundly by its power to heal. And it was then that I started teaching others how art could be used for healing in stressful situations. And how it can actually promote inner happiness and well-being.

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  • Virtual Artist Talk with Lori Arbel Take 10-minutes to be inspired by the incredible artist Lori Arbel! Lori's style of creation is simultaneously active and meditative. Standing, she moves around the canvas, yet her patterning and lining have a calming effect.

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