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Linda V. Quakebush

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Linda V. Quakenbush is an American-born, Fort Lauderdale-based multi-disciplinary visual/teaching artist and filmmaker working professionally in the arts for many years. Whether  via painting, photography, film, installation, or written word, Linda’s artistic practice aims to allow viewers to sense a shared experience, while at the same time realizing something  personal, transformative, and new. Linda’s photography, paintings, films, and installations have been exhibited throughout the U.S.A, South America, and in Europe.

Linda Quakenbush is a first-time recipient of a CIP Grant (2019-20) from the Broward County Florida Cultural Division. Her CIP proposal, In Memoriam, a provocative memorial card-inspired art-making workshop and pop-up exhibition of small-works is currently being created and curated for the NSU Art Museum’s Day of the Dead festivities, the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society’s DOTD Ofrenda exhibit, and the ArtServe galleries.

A frequent traveler who has lived and worked in LA as well as in Colombia, SA, Linda enjoys  capturing the flavor of new places and images. Her latest photographic work reflects a re-discovery of her childhood residence in South Florida. Linda shoots near-daily photo-journals; diverse images of homes, street culture, found abstracts, text, light studies, landscapes, flora. Classical training and a painter’s palate inform Linda Quakenbush’s work. Her subject matter is often unplanned, unexpected

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